struggling to DIY?

it's way more time consuming than you thought?

want to hand it off to a professional?

working with a professional will save you time, and more importantly, money- so you can keep killin' it while getting this done.

why should I hire a designer?

It's tempting to DIY your own brand and site and skip on shelling out cash to hire a designer, and end up with a site that's not quite what you were looking for, and now you're stuck with a website you don't love, and an empty wallet.

You've probably been there, or are worried about being there- but not with me.

I'm a true believer in delivering what I would personally want as a client.


here's what my wish-list would be:

- full autonomy over my site, without having to pay someone to upkeep it and make little changes.

- a flexible payment plan, because life.

- unlimited changes to logos and branding, because I wouldn't want to be stuck with a brand I'm not crazy about.

- transparent about costs, subscriptions, and tries to save you money where possible when there's a sale or coupon

the laundry list
you may be wondering...

will my site be mobile friendly?

Yes! Your site will be custom built by me, and be completely ready for a mobile experience.

will you fix my wordpress site?

Currently, I only work with Wix, as it's easiest for clients to keep updating, is great for SEO, and allows custom fonts. Wordpress is extremely limiting in terms of creativity, and from experience and client anecdotes- Wix is the better way to go.

what about squarespace?

Squarespace is a great platform. In terms of price point, Wix and Squarespace are the same. It's like using Canon cameras over Sony cameras- both produce great work, but it's just a tool. The designer dictates quality.

I love your work, but I can't pay upfront.

This is an important, and exciting investment! It's worth every penny to invest in your business, but all those pennies upfront can be intimidating. I offer payment plans, most commonly over the course of 3 months. 

is there a deposit?

Yes! Whether it be photography, video, or branding and web design, there will be a 20% deposit to hold your spot, that also goes towards the total amount. (AKA, it's not an extra fee)

what happens after you finish my site?

After our project together has come to an end, I'll hand over the keys to your shiny new site! I'm a big believer in having full control over your site, so you don't need to continue to pay someone to manage it. Full autonomy! Plus, I'll be here for up to 4 hours of tech-time if you need anything for up to a year afterwards.

are there any continual fees?

There are no fees from me, however, there is a subscription fee from Wix (and every other web builder).

Wix's most common plan right now is $13/month billed yearly.

Your domain ( is also $15/year.

Any additional costs include email (about $60/year), and e-commerce if needed.