Why You Should Hire Me and Stop Trying To Do It All Yourself

I know these days with the internet at our disposal, everyone: your friends, family, and you are a web designer. You can be the photographer. You can be the videographer. You’ve got a shiny new iPhone that can shoot in 4K resolution. What’s the point of shelling out extra cash to hire someone that you think can do just as good of a job as you can?

When it comes to Millennials, 62 percent believe that online content drives their loyalty to a brand. Furthermore, if you want to gain brand loyalty from Millennials, it’s vital to share that content social media

We Have the Knowledge With a plethora of experience on top of schooling in Media Production, I can guarantee you a product you’d love. We understand color theory, design psychology, and a modern understanding of what your target market is looking for in your branding. Did you know a “signature color” for your brand boosts brand recognition by 80%, and it only takes 10 seconds for people to form an impression of your brand? Yes, it matters if the shades of green in your logo are off on different branding materials. Together, we can produce content that will attract real results.

We Have the Means

Consistent branding increases revenues by up to 23%. Any professional understands that branding is vital, but not everyone has the means to keep up with color codes, style guides, and consistent branding. Hiring a professional erases the stress, while boosting revenue.

4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Additionally, almost 50 percent of Internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store

Time is Money

Putting it simply, when you hire a high skilled professional with a sense of perfection driven from a place of passion , you’re saving time. And time? Time is money.

If you’ve tried to do any web design, video, or photo editing yourself, you probably understand that a 5 minute video can take you 10+ hours that could be spent maximizing your business. When you spend that time maximizing your business while hiring a professional to handle the tedious work, are you really spending money at all? Not to mention that this completely streamlines your work and business flow.

We Have the Goods

iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy phones have great cameras, don’t get me wrong- but phones are still very limited in their functionality in regards to audio, editing, etc. As a professional in the industry, I have the most up-to-date equipment, knowledge, and preparation to navigate every circumstance and condition during a shoot. There’s a unique value to a professional that can navigate harsh lighting, underlit areas, while having the vision and artistic eye to create the best results with any environment.

77 percent of B2B marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth

The bottom line is, it would be wise for small business owners to invest in their branding. Recognizable branding, quality content and consistency will increase brand awareness, helping earn consumer trust and drive home those sales.