tampa artist shoots music video at macdinton's irish pub on soho

GABI ROQUE (me), and P-Will, two young northeastern artists operating out of sunny Tampa Bay, got in touch with our college roots this month.

The two of us produced and wrote a song together, detailing what it's like dealing with people who you thought were your friends, only to show you their true colors- even dealing with the emotional abuse they forced on you- making you feel like everything wrong is your fault- some of which took place at MacDinton’s; it was the perfect gathering of ideas and emotion for the video.

It's something we've all experienced. You finally feel like you belong somewhere, with someone, with a group of people, who you feel home with. You feel like they're your people. The problem is, friendships are cheeky until someone makes a mistake. It's how your 'friends' act, when you or one of them makes a mistake.

Let's make this clear:

If your friends don't accept you for who you are, they're not your friends.

If your friends make fun of you and you're not laughing, they're not your friends.

If your friends are rude to your other friends in front of you, they're not your friends.

If your friends treat other people badly, watch out how they'll treat you as soon as you're not the perfect friend.

Be careful who your friends are- you'll get burned.

Watch the music video below.

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