I Was on the News! (WTSP CBS)

Look at how far we've come!

Remember when I created a song in one hour?

Well... People saw it! Aubrey from CBS Channel 10 News in Tampa contacted me one afternoon wanting to cover my story on TV!

Obviously I obliged and.... the rest is history!

This may not be the grammy's or national television, and so some people may be thinking I'm making too much of a fuss about this, but a victory is a victory, and I'm going to ride it out as far as I can!

This type of recognition and the support from my fans, friends, and family, is just what I need that propels me to keep going.

I love you!

I'm not going to spoil how exactly it happened, and what Aubrey actually said in her email to me... You'll just have to watch this to find out allllll the juicy details!

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