How to Add Text in Adobe Premiere Pro!

Easy, easy, and easy!

That's what you're going to say after watching this video.

Adding text used to be an unintuitive and frankly annoying experience in Premiere Pro- before the creative cloud was forced upon users. You used to have to go into a menu, click 'add title' and in a separate window, adjust and edit the title to your liking, and THEN add it to your video timeline, only to find out that it looks like crap on top of the video, and then have to go back and edit, etc.

But now, with the click of one button on your keyboard, you can add text and edit it like a pro. Although, to my friends who have never opened an editing software other than iMovie or Windows Movie Maker (is that even still a real thing?), this process may not seem intuitive either.

At least it's way easier than before!

I'll teach you how to add text to your video, and do more cool and fun things with it in this YouTube video below!

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