From India to the US - Music Was Born

Borders, distance, and time zones didn't stop gabi roque and Aru (sugarcube music) from creating this lofi / bedroom pop track named "adore u"

It all started on November 26 when I sponsored a post of my lofi Kehlani cover on Instagram. Aru saw it and decided to message me: "Ahoy! I love your voice, do you write originals as well?"

From there, it's just been a joy working with them.

Aru had sent me an unfinished track they had basically given up on. The track was an upbeat, lofi beat that I instantly loved. Aru already wrote a bubbly chorus to the song, about unrequited love for someone, but in an optimistic tone.

"love me or hate me, I still wanna love you"

it's about loving blindly- a sort of adolescence type love. The chorus paired with the track just brought me back to un-serious high school crushes, at least that's just how it resonated with me!

So I wrote verses surrounding that Idea, recorded the vocals, and thus, the song was born.

From there, it was just mixing in background vocals, and mixing it all together until it sounded the way I envisioned- I wanted it to still resonate with the lofi genre with crispy and crunchy high end, but still having that vocal air.

From there, the track was finally done, and I knew the aesthetic I wanted to pair with it: bubbly, pink, fun, lofi, almost e-girl inspired.

My boyfriend was able to film it for me, being a novice behind the camera, I coached him a bit, but he got the hang of it fairly quickly, beginning to experiment with angles and ideas of his own! I'm so proud of him!!!

We had found this super cool muraled garage doors downtown, and it just fit perfectly with my aesthetic. This part was not pre-planned at all. All we knew was that we wanted to shoot the video downtown.

Then, I threw it all together in Adobe Premiere Pro, edited, and colored this bad boy! I had a lot of fun with all the cute and bubbly graphics.

Here's a before and after screengrab of the music video.

Coloring makes a huge difference to the tone of a video!

Well, I hope it was fun to learn a little bit of insight behind the song!

If you want to support me, please consider streaming 'adore u' now on your preferred service, and comment on the YouTube video above!

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