Gabi Roque's New Single: I Love Me

I know I say this every single time- but this song was created completely and only by me.

So let me give you a little background:

I was perusing YouTube as I usually do, and came across an old favorite of mine: Music by Blanks.


Music by Blanks, or Simon, is a YouTuber and a very very talented musician. His YouTube is dedicated to fun music things, like his One Hour Song Challenges, where he takes popular hits at the time, and remakes them from scratch in one hour. The twist is that he doesn't identically remake them- he puts his own little 80's music by Blanks vibe on it.

His original and remade songs are so catchy and fun, and Simon has such a lovely, genuine, and fun vibe about him.

I'm none of those things. However! I was still inspired to try to recreate a one hour song challenge, but instead of remaking a song, I would create an original song from scratch in one hour.

This was a feat I was not ready to take on- but alas, "if thou not tryeth neweth things that scare-eth you, thou shallent not grow" (totally legit quote).


the song is available on Spotify, iTunes, etc!

Click this link to see all streaming service links

See the one hour song challenge below.... How did I do?

Aaaand here's the full finished song:

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