Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop Review - flop or fab?

So I bought this PC from Amazon earlier in 2019.

The short answer to the title's question: The Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop i5680 is fab.

-but, it doesn't come without my small gripes about it.

instead of writing 2-3 paragraphs about the pros and cons, let's simplify it into a bullet point list.

First- here's the specs of the model I purchased:





6 core processor

I purchased the computer at $1,100.

I just realized as I linked the exact Amazon product I purchased, the price had now gone up to $1,400! wow! That's just something to note- as I'm reviewing this PC at the price point I bought it for.


fast as heck (6 core processor!)

Room for 2 more RAM sticks

I installed 2 more RAM cards at 16GB each to total my RAM power at 48GB. Beefy!

NO hiccups for gaming, fps is incredible

I tested out the computer with Minecraft, Fortnite, and League of Legends, all with a no FPS limit and maximum graphic settings. All games performed outstandingly. I tested the games without the extra RAM as I wanted to show viewers how the desktop would play out-of-the-box.

Great for video editing & Adobe programs

Premiere still has some trouble- but my theory is that it's just that Premiere has an outdated system and doesn't efficiently utilize computer specs.


C drive is small as HECK

I ended up having to purchase a 1TB SSD to manually install into my computer. The drawback of the C drive was too much. I installed all my programs onto the D drive, but it became extremely difficult to manage when scratch disks, cache, and program files kept defaulting to the C drive. No matter how many settings I changed, I ended up having a mess of program files spread across both drives and it became very messy.

On top of having to purchase another SSD, changing the C drive of the computer was NOT EASY. This was a gigantic pain in my behind, and not because I didn't know what I was doing.

I'll try to explain this briefly, but I connected the new SSD externally to a USB port first, and have it act as an external hard drive, so I could clone the old SSD to the new one. To do this, you must use a third party software.

but here's where they get you: when you clone an SSD with virtually any third party software, the SSD clones in partitions.

Basically, partitions are digital divided 'parts' of a hard drive, specifically allocated to one thing or purpose. For example, the operating system itself has 70GB of space allocated to it, and that space absolutely cannot be used for anything else.


So when the third party software clones your SSD, it will keep every partition exactly the same, and not allow you to allocate the new free space (free space has its own partition) to any other partition on the SSD. So, in turn, the capped space of the SSD that I could use was still capped at 128GB even though I was using a TB hard drive. To re-allocate the partitions, you were forced to spend upwards of $50 on the software- to do this thing just once!

I did end up finding one, just one software that allowed me to reallocate free space for free. So, if you end up needing to purchase another SSD for the C drive, let me save you a lot of time. Use this program:

Only comes with 16GB of RAM

I also had to purchase more RAM for this computer- not because it desperately couldn't function without more RAM, but just because I felt like this area was really lacking when the rest of the specs are impressive for the price.

I ended up purchasing 2 more RAM cards, each at 16GB each (Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro) to total my RAM to 48GB.


My conclusion is, the computer for the price is great. I'm very happy with it. The only drawback is yes, although the initial price is good, I ended up having to spend a bit more to really build the PC I wanted.

You definitely don't have to spend more money like I did to enjoy the benefits of the Dell Inspiron, but they were purchases I think people would have to make eventually after spending a bit of time with it.

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