Fall in Michigan is Gorgeous

I'm not a Michigander, but I certainly have a newfound love for Michigan's gorgeous scenery.

My Grand Rapids-native boyfriend and I decided to take a break from sweaty Florida and make our way to Michigan during mid October.

We started our trip in GR, traveling east to Detroit area to visit my cousins, and then made our way north to see the Mackinaw Bridge, St. Ignace, Mackinac Island, and Traverse City before heading back home to Florida.

We were in luck. The first two days in GR were pretty miserable in terms of weather, but as we made our way up north, the sky was in our favor! We got beautiful mid 50's/60's weather coupled with sunny skies. It was a dream come true and the most gorgeous trip I've had to this date! It beats sweating in the never ending Florida "fall".

My boyfriend had gotten me the DJI Spark for my birthday which was that week #LibraSzn

so I was of course ecstatic to try it out for the first time ever! The footage you'll see below is filmed on the DJI Spark, the Google Pixel 2, and my Canon 7d mkii