An (actual) Free Partition Manager

Hello techies, if you're here on this article, you're probably like me.

Your C Drive is way too small, and needed to upgrade it. You bought a shiny new 2TB SSD, and a SSD USB drive from Amazon, plugged the babies in, cloned your old C drive to the new one, and then realized you still have 0 space on your new SSD, with 1.89TB un-allocated just SITTING THERE. Just mocking you.

You can't merge your C drive with the un-allocated space because somehow the two partitions aren't next to each other. You search and search for free partition movers, free partition managers, with promising 'free' programs, that just end up restricting everything to force you to buy their stupid program.

I did this searching so you don't have to. I want to share this knowledge with the world so no one has to suffer like I did.

I'm not part of/ sponsored by this program in any way. The program I used to successfully move my partitions for free is called Macrorit Parition Expert Free

The program was super easy to use. Just right click each partition to the left of the un-allocated one, and move them one by one to the right until the un-allocated partition is right next to your C drive partition.

Next, you'll have to click "commit" in the top left corner to apply the changes.

Once it's done, you'll have to open Disk Management on your computer.

Now you can right click the C: partition, and click "extend volume"

It should automatically choose the un-allocated partition to now merge with; click "finish" and you're DONE!

Please share this with someone who's struggling to merge their partitions if they've just bought a new SSD or HDD to replace a tiny C drive!

Let me know if this helped you in any way.



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