ADOBE PREMIERE 2020, should you update?

Many Premiere users are hesitant to update to the latest version of Adobe products, because you're usually also signing up for a new wave of bugs that will only later be fixed.

This cautiousness is warranted, considering Adobe's reputation of crash-city, especially for its video production software like Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Of course though, guinea pigs like me will take the risk for you, and when I heard about Premiere's new Auto-Reframe function, I couldn't resist updating right away.

Of course, you can read about Adobe's new updates on their blog dedicated to everything new in Adobe, but I'm just going to condense some of the cool stuff into plain English, because...

Thank you Kevin.

Anyway, here's what's new if you don't want to read about it and just want to watch-about-it!

Ah, I see you didn't feel like watching the video. That's fine I guess?

What's New


"Videos today are viewed on a wide variety of platforms and devices. Optimizing your content for different social platforms often means you need to create multiple versions of the same project


Auto Reframe can be applied to individual clips as an effect or to whole sequences. Auto Reframe identifies the action in your video to ensure that what’s important stays within the new framing. When you are applying Auto Reframe, you can adjust the sensitivity of the algorithm, depending on the amount of motion within your footage" (Adobe Blog).

That's probably the most exciting change in my opinion. Adobe also made performance updates, increased time remapping capabilities, underlining text (why wasn't this a thing before???), and renaming shape layers in your Essential Graphics panel.

I'm truly excited to say that I'm looking forward to what Adobe is doing. It seems like they're listening to the consumers and thinking about what can speed up our workflow and make us happy!

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