If you're anything like me, and feel awkward posing in front of a camera, (which is why I'm always behind the camera) fear no more! Here are some sources to help you on your big day!

What Do I Wear?

Wear What Makes You Feel Gooood

The bottom line is, wear whatever makes you feel natural. Don't go crazy and don't be too modest. Just for safety, here are some tips that don't hurt to be shared!

False Lashes

If this doesn't apply to you, skip to the next tip. Fake lashes (when done right) can add a much fuller look and make your eyes really pop. Cheap drugstore fake lashes are a great investment, and have a great ROI too.

Clean Nails

You don't have to go out and get a full mani/pedi, but just clean them up and cut them.

No Loose Hair Ties

Remove these from your wrist before your shoot. We usually forget they're not a part of our bodies. The above photo is when I first started my career and forgot this tip!

Think About Strapless!

Chances are, I'll be taking a good amount of chest/head shots of you, and the empty space on your chest is PRIME real estate for accessories and to truly show your personal style. Think about a necklace or cute bralette!

Say Yes To Lipstick!

My lips are almost the same color as my skin. This makes photos of my face extremely weird looking when it looks like I have no lips, or my face is really.....lacking. Even if it's just a gloss or if you're going for a natural look, I highly recommend using lipstick.

Coordinate! (groups)

You don't have to all wear plaid or all wear the same shade of blue. Go with what shows your family's personality but be mindful of outfit choices.

Lint and Animal Hair

This one doesn't happen often, but just make sure your cat's hair isn't all over your outfit.


Think Props

Glitter, champagne, signs, and other props can spruce up your session and make for some very memorable shots!


Does the Shirt Fit?

Especially for dress shirts: The shoulder seem crease should fall with your shoulders naturally. If not, any crossing arm poses could result in a lot of weird, loose fabric.

Graphic Tees & Big Lettering

Will you regret wearing a huge Aeropostale shirt looking back from 2043?

All the Hairs

If you're planning on getting a haircut before the shoot, I recommend getting it a couple days before the shoot for that nice, 'I didn't try too hard' look. It's whatever floats your boat on this one. Make sure your beard is cut the way you like it too, of course.

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