call me gabi

I'm a designer, all-things tech do-er, videographer, photographer, rescue dog mom, gamer, streamer, content creator, music producer, and tea lover. -wine on Wednesdays

hi, i'm gabi

I'm just a tea-loving techie living the entrepreneur life.

I wanted to start this off by saying it all started when I was thrown a camera in my high-school yearbook class, but I would be lying to myself- it all started long before that.

I was the typical little girl that would choose Legos and Pokemon action figurines over barbies and American Girl Dolls any day. Watching over my older sister's shoulder as she played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64 over and over again, knowing I was better suited for gaming and trading Pokemon cards than playing dress-up.

My love for computers and technology began almost as soon as I could talk

and growing up with that affinity, I listened to my gut and learned all that I could about building computers, and anything remotely regarding technology.

Tech has just been one of the two main identities that have shaped who I am today: the other is music. Coming with that love of gaming, I was constantly looking up orchestrated soundtracks of my favorite games. That fascination with music led to teaching myself guitar, piano, and ukulele, and choosing the flute and alto-saxophone in grade-school music. My two identities intertwined as I began to learn and invest in music production software, gear, and learning about digital production.

Circling back to the beginning, in high school yearbook class, I began design and quickly became one of the editors- that's yearbook-nerd talk for basically one of the student executives that oversaw production of the book.

I was thrown a Canon t3i DSLR camera to go shoot an event that someone had backed out on that day, and from there, it was all manual-no-auto. I really enjoyed the puzzle-solving nature of manual DSLR photography intertwining with art, and began doing $25 senior photoshoots for my peers, and editing them in a bootlegged version of Lightroom. 


I'm a big believer in making big decisions on what feels natural for you,

So the scary world of freelance was the way to go for me after majoring in Media Production in college! Using the knowledge I learned in school- like HTML, CSS, video, photo, design, anything creative. I've always made many decisions in life that may not have been conventional, and this was no exception. I was never conventional anyway. 

I began my career as mostly freelancing photography and video production, but have always loved design. Since the pandemic, a shift in my business was due- it was time to remote-in branding and web design, without leaving my house!  


I've also since adopted the most loving Thai street dog you'll meet, began streaming on Twitch, creating gaming content on YouTube, and began manifesting my freelance career.